Terms And Conditions


This online portal agreement is created and maintained by “Global Guidance”, a renowned human resource recruiting establishment with a remarkable service record. This online portal agreement is intended to conclude and confirm the terms and conditions with respect to the usage of the online portal created by “Global Guidance”in the name and style as “Connect HR Online online .com”. The individuals , institutions , establishments , companies , firms or any other identities, whomsoever or whatsoever it may be, logged in, use,subscribe or utilise the online web portal as mentioned above shall be bound to observe and follow the stipulations described hereunder and shall also be deemed as executed the online web portal agreement by expressing their readiness and willingness to observe the stipulations elucidated hereunder . Once when the online web portal is logged in and used by the subscriber, whoever it may be, by accepting the terms and conditions of this online portal agreement shall be deemed as voluntarily executed his/its/their absolute consent with free will and competitive state of mind. Thus therefore , the usage of this online web portal shall be deemed and construed as the absolute voluntary execution of the online portal agreement in between such person or identities and "Global Guidance".

Ownership of the Portal

This online web portal agreement is with respect to the human resource recruitment web portal designed, created and maintained by the human resource recruiting establishment functioning in the name and the style as “Global Guidance”. “Global Guidance” is a renowned human resource recruiting establishment catering its service to the prospective employers and also the service of appropriate placements to the appropriate employment establishments for the prospective aspirants who seek an employment in pursuance to their educational qualification , work experience and employment ambitions . The owner of this web portal shall be the human resources recruitment and placement establishment functioning in the name and style as “Global Guidance ”. The name of the web portal shall be “connecthronline .com ”. “Global Guidance ” operate the above named web portal for the use and benefit of the individuals who seeks appropriate employments and employees on their discretion and preference. “Global Guidance” also operate the above named web portal for the use and benefit of the employers who are in search of prospective , promising and appropriate individuals who can be employed to the employment in the prescriptive manner.

“Global Guidance” do hereby prescribe the mandatory registration for the users who are intended to utilise the services provided through the online web portal in the name and the style as “connecthronline.com”. The services provided by “Global Guidance” are subject to the payments prescribed therein. The charges for the respective services are specified in the online web portal.

Document Ownership

The Intellectual rights to this document with respect to “connecthronline.com” belongs to “Global Guidance”. Copying, reproduction, repetitions , reappreciations , repeated recitals , etc., in any form is prohibited without the express consent of “Global Guidance ” management team . Plagiarism is not permitted.



1.1. The “Web Portal” refers to the website that serves as a main entry point for Users to get access to information on “Global Guidance” Services; hereafter mentioned as “Web Portal”.

1.2 The “User” refers to an individual, group of persons, companies, firms, proprietors, Hindu Undivided Families, establishments and any other identities who based on this contract has access to the "Web Portal” as mentioned above, for a specific period of time such as minutes, hour, day or month and all such entities are mentioned hereafter as “User”.

1.3. The aim of the “Web Portal” is to give the “User” access to “Global Guidance”’ services online, i.e., “connecthronline.com” where by the individuals who are searching for employment shall have access to the online data regarding the employment opportunities with various employers and individuals or establishments who are searching for suitable employees shall have access to data with respect to appropriate and suitable employees.

1.4. ”Global Guidance” may modify the “Web Portal” from time to time as it deems it necessary.

2. Acceptance

By Accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user agreed to be bound by them without any limitation or qualification.

3. License, Grant and Right of Access

3.1. Within the frame of its Services, the “Global Guidance” grants to the “User” a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the “Web Portal” for as long as the “User”, with regard to other provisions of this agreement, is granted a right to use the “Web Portal” service by "Global Guidance".

3.2. The “User” is entitled to use the “Web Portal” as it is provided through publication on the internet solely for the purposes as described under 1.3

3.3. The “User’s right to use the “Web Portal” will automatically cease in the event of a material breach by the “User” of any of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions or of the agreement or termination of the agreement by any of the act of the user.

3.4. The “User” may not assign, sub-license or otherwise transfer any rights or obligations in these Terms and Conditions to any other person, persons or establishments.

4. No warranty

4.1. “Global Guidance” will endeavour to publish accurate information with respect to “Global Guidance” on the “Web Portal” and ensure that the nature of services do not have errors or omissions. However, the information published on the “Web Portal” with respect to “Global Guidance” is provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied

4.2. All information with respect to “Global Guidance” is accurate, to our best knowledge and belief at time of transfer, but it does not aim to predict future developments. The information provided is for the agreed purposes with respect to “Global Guidance” is not intended as a (legal) recommendation or (legal) advice as to particular transactions, applications or appointments in any way. In no event will “Global Guidance” be liable for any direct or indirect, special or consequential damages to the “User” or anyone else for any decision made or taken in reliance on the information provided by the “Web Portal”.

4.3. All the information with respect to the companies or individuals and other establishments who are using this online web portal, publishing their requirement for applicants to the vacancies including the data, statements, claims, statistics, etc., are published on the absolute discretion and decision of such companies and individuals or other establishments. “Global Guidance” reserves all its rights and privileges against the correctness and truthfulness of such data, statements, claims, statistics, etc. It is hereby categorically declared that the “Global Guidance” shall not be responsible or liable for the correctness, accuracy or reliability of such data, statements, claims, statistics, etc.

4.4. Similarly, all the information with respect to the applicants for employment who are using this online web portal which are entered in the appropriate pages are exclusively included by such applicants for employment and “Global Guidance” has no control or regulations on it. Thus therefore, the reliability, creditworthiness, accuracy, dependability, etc,. are absolute subject matters within the control of such applicants for employment and “Global Guidance” is not at all responsible for any of such contents with respect to the applicants for employment and “Global Guidance” shall not be made responsible or liable for the correctness or falsity with respect to the information there in as well as the incorporation of fraudulent manners used by the person or persons who causes such acts or deeds.

4.5. It is hereby categorically disclosed and declared that “Global Guidance” do hereby provide the facility of the online web portal in the name and style as “connecthronline.com” for facilitating the employers such as individuals, companies, firms, establishments, proprietors, the managers of the Hindu undivided family, etc. to announce their respective vacancies in such identities so as to call for the applications to meet with such requirements and thereby to facilitate the individuals who are seeking appropriate allocation of employment corresponding to their educational qualification and experience as well as other relevant factors so as to accomplish their requirement of employment or placement in any of the companies, establishments, concerns, firms, etc. It is therefore unambiguously expressed herein that the “Global Guidance” is providing the online web portal facilities for the use and benefit of all such categories of individuals and establishments and the data, information, etc., published by any of the user of the web portal named above are exclusively entered by the respective users of the web portal and shall not be construed as the information, data, etc., published by the “Global Guidance” at any point of time.

5. Obligations of the “User”

5.1. The “User” is fully responsible for all activities that occur in the “Web Portal” under the password(s) provided to it by “Global Guidance. The “User” will ensure that such password(s) are kept confidential, treated in a secured manner and will immediately notify “Global Guidance” of any breach of security with respect to such password(s) or to the use of the “Web Portal”. The “User” is responsible for ensuring that all persons who access the “Web Portal” by internet connection and/or using the password(s) are aware of these terms and conditions of use and that they shall comply with them.

5.2. The “User” agrees to use the “Web Portal” only in a lawful manner and further agrees not to cause, or knowingly allow others to cause, any nuisance, annoyance, or inconvenience whether to “Global Guidance” or to any of its customers or “Users” of the “Web Portal” by any means, including without limitation by a denial of service attack, knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, logic bombs or other malicious or harmful material.

5.3. The “User agrees not to use the “Web Portal” to transmit or post any material which is fraudulent, hateful, sexually or racially or ethnically or otherwise objectionable, defamatory, offensive or obscene or menacing.

5.4. The “User ensures to use up-to-date virus checking software to prevent the introduction of viruses and other harmful code onto the “Web Portal”.

5.5. The user, who intended to register his/her name in the web portal for the purpose of the search for proper employment as well as for providing appropriate information to the employers, who use the web portal to select the suitable prospective employees on the basis of the data and information provided in the web portal by the said user, shall provide true, correct and accurate information only with respect to such user in contravention of which such user shall be liable and responsible for the cost and consequences arising therefrom. Similarly, the user, who intended to register his/her/its name in the web portal for the purpose of the search for proper employees shall provide only the true, correct and accurate information with respect to such user and shall not include or incorporate any incorrect, misleading, deceiving or fraudulent data or information in any manner to attract or recruit any of the users of the web portal and in the event of any of such actions or proceedings from the part of such a user, the cost and consequences arising therefrom shall be exclusively born and met with by such defaulting or defrauding users.

6. Obligations of global guidance

6.1. “Global Guidance” shall provide the “User” with a user identification number and a password to use the “Web Portal”.

6.2. “Global Guidance” takes all reasonable steps to safeguard the security of any information input by the “User or information used by the “User in connection with the “Web Portal”.

6.3. “Global Guidance” shall use its reasonable endeavours to make the “Web Portal” available for the “User. “Global Guidance” gives however no guarantee of such availability. In the event of the occurrence of the same, the “Web Portal” would be unavailable and “Global Guidance” will make all reasonable efforts to recover the Services on shortest notice possible.

6.4. Notwithstanding the provisions of 3.3 above “Global Guidance” may suspend the “Web Portal” at any time at Global Guidance’s sole discretion without liability to the “User”. Suspensions will be justified by objective reasons such as maintenance.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

The “User” acknowledges having no right whatsoever with respect to any and all intellectual property rights used or embodied in or in connection with the “Web Portal”. “Global Guidance” reserves all rights related to the “Web Portal”. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions grants the “User” a right or license to use any trademark, design right or copyright owned or controlled by “Global Guidance” or any other third party except as expressly provided in these terms.

8. Liability

8.1. “Global Guidance” shall in no event be liable to the “User” for any direct or indirect, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to damages resulting from loss of profits or data arising out of the use or inability to use the “Web Portal”, the misuse of the password or of any other identification data.

8.2. The “User acknowledges that the “Web Portal” is provided via the internet and that “Global Guidance” has no control over and/on the security of the internet. “Global Guidance” endeavours to ensure that the services are free from bugs and secure, but “Global Guidance” does not assume any liability for timely, trouble-free and uninterrupted access to the internet.

8.3. While “Global Guidance” has used its discretion, best judgment and all reasonable efforts in maintaining a virus-free website, it declines any liability for persons, property damage or especially direct, indirect, immediate or subsequent pecuniary loss which may result from transmission or downloading of computer viruses. “Global Guidance” cannot be held liable for hardware or software damage, loss of data, alteration of data, or downtime.

9. Data Protection/Confidentiality

9.1. Both Parties shall use the “Web Portal” in Compliance with the applicable contract provisions related to confidentiality and data protection and the applicable data protection laws.

9.2. The “User” undertakes to treat as confidential all information on the “Web Portal”, the processes used, and all related documentation, and to take all necessary actions to ensure that this confidentiality is ensured towards third parties. Moreover the “User shall oblige his employees or third parties who are required to have access to such information to the same confidentiality obligation and to observance of applicable data protection obligations. The ”User” shall moreover ensure that such obligations shall continue to apply after termination of their working relationship.

9.3. The “User” shall not sell, rent or alter any information/data retrieved from the “Web Portal”, whereas transfer, distribution, disclosure and copying is solely admitted for internal use by the “User.

9.4. The “User” shall implement appropriate measures that information/data retrieved from the “Web Portal” is protected against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access in particular where the processing involves transmission of data over a network, and against all other unlawful forms of processing.

10. General

10.1. Definitions Capitalized terms in these “Web Portal” Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the contract entered into between the User and “Global Guidance” or as set out in these Conditions: "Acceptance" means your acceptance of the “Web Portal” Terms and Conditions by the click-through of the acceptance screen by the user.

10.2. Severability Clause If any article, section or provision of these Conditions is found to be invalid, the remainder of them shall continue in full force and effect. Any Conditions which are null or void are in this case to be understood such that their intended purpose is still fulfilled as far as possible.

10.3. Law and Jurisdiction The laws and regulations prevailing from time to time in union of India shall be applicable to the terms and conditions of this agreement. the jurisdiction regarding any of the terms or conditions as well as all other matters connected with this agreement shall be at Calicut, Kerala State, union of India where the office of Global Guidance situates.

10.4. Tenure.

The tenor of this agreement shall be construed as perpetual as the user signed in to the online web portal. the user shall not be entitled to raise the claim of immunity after signing out from the online web portal for the acts and deeds till the date and time of his exit from the online web portal.

10.5. Applicability.

This online web portal agreement shall be deemed as executed when the user signing in to the online web portal. Thus therefore this agreement shall be deemed as operative from the date and time of acceptance of the user by clicking the acceptance button embedded with this online web portal agreement